January 1, 2024


Northeast Indiana's growing appeal is attributed to its appreciating housing prices, robust local economy, and enticing lifestyle amenities, making this region an irresistible package. In the current real estate landscape, prospective homeowners and sellers may hesitate in the face of rising mortgage rates. Nevertheless, as shown in the graph below, it becomes apparent that these interest rates remain relatively subdued when juxtaposed with historical rates.


If you've been contemplating homeownership, securing pre-approval for a mortgage loan is a prudent step. With your finances in order, you'll know your home budget and be positioned to act quickly, allowing you to bid for your dream home. Despite the departure from the historically low interest rates of the last few years, now is still a great time to buy a home.


If selling your property is on your mind, Northeast Indiana's housing market is still firmly in the seller's favor. The combination of high demand and appreciating property values creates an ideal environment for sellers to capitalize on their investments and take advantage of this strong seller's market. With a persistently low housing inventory unable to satiate the high demand, sellers find themselves in a particularly advantageous position.


Whether your goal is to buy or sell, the expert RealtorsĀ® at Brian Peterson Realty are ready to assist you in capitalizing on these market dynamics. Our team is committed to guiding you through the nuances of buying or selling a home to give you a seamless and rewarding real estate experience.

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