May 4, 2022


We become nose blind to lingering smells over time, so a deep clean is in order when it is time to prepare a home to sell. Our pets are some of our most beloved companions, but their fur and odor can become a real challenge to remove. While some odors and stains are easy to tackle over a weekend, there are times when more extremes are needed to eliminate them. If you think you may have lingering odors, ask someone else for an honest assessment to see if it needs to be addressed.


One of the first steps to rid your home of unwanted odors is ventilation. Open up doors and windows and allow your home to air out. This season is also a great time to freshen up your pets by washing them thoroughly or taking them to a groomer to be cleaned.

Be sure to wash everything washable, including blankets, pet bedding, and curtains. Smells tend to accumulate on soft surfaces like fabrics and carpets. All hard surfaces should be scrubbed to remove all pet hair, dander, and oils. Don’t forget your window sills and baseboards.

You might also consider renting an ozone machine that oxidizes and neutralizes odors and other dangerous particles. A fresh coat of primer and paint with a few drops of essential oils will also help to eliminate lingering smells.

Persistent odors could prevent a home sale for many 
people that might otherwise love the home.


DIY methods might not be practical for homes with deep-seated stains and odors. If that is the case, have your carpets steam cleaned and your HVAC system vacuumed and sanitized by professionals. 

If your carpet pad is old and pets have been living in your home a long time, consider replacing your carpet. Sometimes cleaning and painting are not enough, and drywall or even subfloors need replacing. It’s better to pay a little now than lose out on a sale due to persistent stains and odors.


If you are considering selling your home and simply can’t take on a massive cleaning project due to financial reasons, it’s important to be transparent with your agent and buyers. Our expert Realtors can negotiate a winning solution for you. Give us a call today, and we can connect you with the professionals you need to get your home ready.

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