December 1, 2022



Getting your home ready to host for the holidays takes a bit of planning, but with these simple tips, you’ll have your home guest-ready in no time. 

De-Clutter - It can feel overwhelming when you think about getting your entire home ready for company. Breaking the preparation down into key areas where guests will be can help you to take it one step at a time. Edit your rooms thoughtfully, removing and storing some of your everyday décor to make room for holiday items. Be sure to remove any valuable breakables if small children will be in attendance.

Deep-Clean - If you plan to deep clean your home yourself, know that there are often overlooked spots, such as baseboards, air vents, ceiling fans, light fixtures, door knobs and switches, window blinds, interior doors, and kitchen appliances, that could use a good scrub. If time is short, consider booking a professional cleaning company to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of your home. 

Decorate - When decorating, focus on areas where guests will be spending the most time. Add twinkle lights and cozy holiday touches to make your home comfortable and inviting, and add more seating wherever possible. Don’t forget to prepare and decorate guest rooms if you’ll have people staying overnight in your home.

Tackle Nagging Home Repairs - When you know guests will be arriving in the coming weeks, address small projects that you’ve been putting off. Fix that broken doorknob, sticking drawer, squeaky hinge, or leaky faucet. Replace burned-out light bulbs and broken light switches and outlet covers. Get your fireplace cleaned and inspected, so it’s ready to cozy up your living space. Replace aged and cracked weather stripping around doors to keep your rooms as warm as possible.

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We know that your home value matters to you. Be sure you have a real estate professional to turn to for advice. While you’re busy getting ready for the holiday season, your hard-working expert Realtor® is keeping their finger on the pulse of the housing market. Ask your Realtor® for a personalized monthly market update for your neighborhood. Give us a call today!

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