May 1, 2024


Northeast Indiana is home to a breathtaking palette of seasons – from the vivid hues of spring and warm joy of summer to the crisp beauty of fall, the outdoors is beckoning. With a bit of creativity, your outdoor spaces can become a cherished extension of your home.

Lush Landscaping

Mulching your garden beds at the start of the season helps to enrich your soil, reduces tedious weeding, and makes your home's gardens look tidy and attractive. When choosing plants for garden beds, plant cold-hardy perennials for lasting growth and annuals for seasonal color. 

Creating Functional Spaces

Incorporating hardscapes like patios and stone pathways helps extend your living space outside. Stone and wood elements add visual interest, break up the view, and make your garden a practical space for outdoor living. Plant a variety of trees for shade, privacy, and year-round beauty. 

Ambiance and Furniture

The right lighting can transform your outdoor space into a cozy nighttime haven. Easy-to-install solar or LED lights can highlight your garden’s best features and make entertaining a breeze. Choose outdoor furniture that is both durable and comfortable so that your space is ready for relaxation or gatherings anytime.

When you invest in your home’s exterior, your yard becomes an instant venue for guests, impromptu BBQs with neighbors, or a quiet retreat where you can bask in the comfort of home. If you’re searching for the right home to enjoy some Northeast Indiana outdoor living, Brian Peterson Real Estate is here to help.

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