October 1, 2022


Working from home has become the norm for many, and a dedicated home office provides the necessary boundary between work and your personal life. When properly designed, a home office can allow you to work comfortably and efficiently without ever leaving home. 


When setting up your home office, don’t skimp on good lighting, and don’t underestimate the value of natural light in your space. Natural light improves your overall well-being and helps maintain your sleep cycle. If you’re in the position to add additional lighting or even a larger window, know that you’ll reap the benefits of the added light as the year goes on.


Setting up your office in a quiet room with a door to help remove the noise and distraction of home life is vital. It's also crucial to utilize a noise-canceling microphone and the appropriate software. You may also consider adding soundproofing insulation behind the drywall or soundproofing underlayment above or below your office.


Using unique decor and items that you identify with can make your home office feel personalized for you. You probably know that colors have a significant psychological effect on people, so keep colors light, airy, and natural in tone to energize your mind and focus your attention. Adding a plant or two has been proven to increase happiness and reduce stress, and they can also increase your productivity.


Well-designed furniture improves your focus and overall well-being. Choose ergonomic furniture that is designed to protect your health by preventing side effects like carpal tunnel and back problems. Consider investing in a convertible stand-up desk to keep your circulatory system healthy and an ergonomic office chair to avoid long-term physical pain.


It is easy in a chaotic environment to become distracted from your work. Add some storage to your office to keep your space organized and have the necessary spare supplies. Consider scheduling a notification-free time each day to improve the quality of your work. A second screen also helps boost productivity by reducing the time spent flipping between open windows.

If you would like to work from home but don’t have the suitable space to make it work, the experienced Realtors® of Brian Peterson Real Estate are here to help! We know the housing market well and can find what you’re looking for to make your home office dreams come true.

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